Our offer / Scrap nickel

Nickel (Ni) is another material that we are interested in and which, similarly to tin, is easily available. It creates a range of complex compounds, such as nickelocene or nickel phosphanes and carbonyls, which are used as catalysts in many reactions. Nickel is used mainly as coat of less noble iron and steel (electrolysis), where it boosts the strength and resistance to corrosion. Such steels are used in the automotive industry. The crystal lattice of nickel has the property of hydrogen atom absorption. Nickel is an ingredient of nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-copper alloys are used to mint coins. Alloys based on nickel, iron and cobalt are referred to as superalloys. They are used in the power industry due to their heat resistance and low material creeping at high temperatures. We obtain scrap nickel in various forms: cathodes, starlets, briquette, anodes and granulate.