Our offer / Scrap rare metals

Tungsten (W) is used as an alloy addition to extra-fine steel. Tungsten alloys are used to manufacture electrodes of electron and X-ray tubes or incandescent filaments. Thanks to exceptional hardness, it is the basic ingredient of sintered carbides, which are used to manufacture machining and abrasive tools. We obtain scrap tungsten in various forms, such as fragment waste, wire, uncoated filaments, powders and particulate matter.

Cobalt (Co) is an ingredient of some alloys with high parameters (also known as superalloys). In the metallic form or as an oxide, it is an ingredient of electrodes of lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal-hydride batteries. We obtain scrap cobalt in various forms: fragment waste, cathodes, pigs and powders and particulate matter.

Molybdenum (Mo) is used in the aviation and armament industry as well as in the production of incandescent lamp parts, where it is used as tungsten filament bracket. Molybdenum complexes are used as a catalyst in the petroleum industry, particularly in removing sulphur from petroleum products. We obtain scrap molybdenum in various forms, such as fragment waste, rollers, bars and powders and particulate matter.

Our partnership is also interested in the purchase of other scrap rare metals such as niobium (Nb) and vanadium (V) and in ferroalloys of all of the above materials.