Our offer / scrap coloured metals

Scrap coloured metals are non-ferrous metal scrap. Those metals have a characteristic lustre and are good heat conductors. The most popular non-ferrous metal scrap is:

Scrap aluminium (Al) is scrap of the most commonly used non-ferrous metal on the global market. It is light, plastic and durable. It exhibits good thermal and electric conduction. It is most frequently found as a cord, sector, profiles, coolers and cans.

Scrap copper (Cu) is metal waste which has great thermal and electric conduction and is the second most frequently used coloured metal in economy after aluminium. It is light and has a characteristic brick-red colour. The most frequently found scrap of that metal is millberry copper, chunk copper, roller copper, whitened copper and scrap in the form of heaters.

Scrap lead (Pb) is a scrap plastic-silvery grey metal. It is toxic, but broadly used in production of battery plates, batteries, wires, soldering binders or ammunition. It is characterised by a low melting point. As waste, it is mostly classified depending on its purity.

Scrap brass is raw material being an alloy of copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn). It may contain addition of such metals as Al, Pb, Sn, Mn, Fe, Cr or Si. It has good casting properties. Its distinguishing features include high density and characteristic yellow colour. The most frequently found type of that waste is M63, MO58 and MO59 in brand new or post-amortisation form.

Scrap bronze is scrap which is most frequently an alloy of copper (Cu) and zinc (Sn) or other metals such as Al, Be, Si, Mn. Bronzes have good strength and anti-abrasive properties. They are classified as magnetic and non-magnetic. The most common bronzes are B101, B10, B8, B6, B1010 and B555.